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When We Build Together, We Learn Together

We advance the future of civilizations by empowering students grades K-12 with their favorite game Minecraft as a learning platform.

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Our web-based social learning platform connects students with age appropriate curriculum with students who love Minecraft and want to become teachers in topics they are most passionate about.

Secure Profile Data

Make new friends that share similar interests in our private community of like-minded builders in Minecraft.

Self-Directed Courses

Take a course to learn STEM skills taught by those from our community of digital leaders.

Collaborative Play

Join a private server to build with others in a 3D version of your local community.

Students Become Teachers

Learn how to communicate and influence others with your ideas and solutions, digitally.

What They Didn't Teach You in Kindergarten

If you are still having trouble keeping up with the technology after the COVID-19 pandemic and worried about what your kids are doing online with others, you aren't alone. Avoid high stress setting up your kids at the last minute, download the parents guide to set clear expectations.
More FREE Resources

Harry Devitre, the six-year-old Minecraft sensation shares some of his favorite lessons, tips, and tricks on his YouTube channel and on Twitter using #101stl. If Harry can do it, you can too!

We Create Social Impact in the Communities Where We Live

We are developing courses that combine performance objectives outlined by the Computer Science Teachers Association to demonstrate learning mandated by state educational requirements for grades K-12.

Give your kids something amazing to talk about at recess.

Not only will students have a blast building on their favorite platform, you will have peace of mind knowing that time is productive so you can get one more hour back in your day to relax without feeling guilty about it.

Want to Join the Virtual PTO ? Get in Touch

Help us with skills you use on the job to help grow our community like you would an after-school activity or sport.
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