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Come Build with Us!

Building the next generation of leaders K-12 one block at at time in Minecraft.

Join us in Minecraft Java edition to experience real life lessons.

Eliminate boredom, learn with friends, and have fun too. Our experience is designed for maximum empowerment.
Please download Minecraft Java Edition.

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Make new friends with similar interests on our platform using our search and find feature.

Simulated Worlds

Real life worlds rendered in Minecraft provide rich learning opportunities in the community.

Diverse Experiences

We work with educators who we teach how to teach their lessons in Minecraft.

Private Virtual Parties

The coolest way to celebrate with your friends.

Minecraft Java Edition allows you to play from a PC or Mac.

To avoid high stress setting up your kids at the last minute, download the parents guide to set clear expectations.
We Help You, Help Your Kids

Are you looking for new ways to engage your kids with one another in a fun and safe environment? Join the community as a parent or educator so you can speak their language about Minecraft in a fun and meaningful way.

Download the Parent's Guide
Join as an Educator

Get unlimited access to our Minecraft Experiences.

Get instant access to our pre-built worlds on a dedicated server for your kids and their friends..

Give your kids something amazing to talk about at recess.

Once you get the technology setup, it's a breeze letting them play with their friends and the convenience from home.

Want to Join the Virtual PTO ? Get in Touch

Once you join the community, you can help us design our custom-created experiences in Minecraft that teach real life lessons.
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