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Are you an Educator and are interested in teaching on the Build Buddy platform? Once you complete the Get Started Playing Minecraft Course for FREE on Build Buddy, you will have the option to take the Get Started Teaching on Build Buddy course. This course is designed to help educators repurpose their existing content and learning objectives into meaningful experiences where students can engage in Minecraft.


This course takes a deep dive into the expectations we have established for creating amazing learning experiences online and in Minecraft. It's our goal to ensure you have created or use learning objectives mandated by the state education regulation authority and reinforce them in Minecraft for students to benefit. This course teaches you how to make awesome courses on Build Buddy, how to set up your studio, and how to faciliate in-game exercises that support learning performance. Enrollment in this course also saves you a spot in our Educators Group and Educators Forum where Educators like you can discuss relevant questions and topics related to using Minecraft as a learning platform.

Course Currilcum

    • Why Teach for Build Buddy Unlimited
    • Join the Educators Group Unlimited
    • Join the Educators Forum Unlimited
    • Test Your Internet Speed Unlimited
    • Tips When Selecting Your Webcam Unlimited
    • Setup Open Broadcaster Software Unlimited
    • Advanced Sound Settings Unlimited
    • Studio Enhancements Unlimited
    • Setting up Stream Deck Unlimited
    • Create Sections and Units Unlimited
    • Course Completion Checklist 00:05:00
    • Commands You Need to Know in Minecraft Unlimited
    • How to Handle Difficult Participants Unlimited
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