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Join us for one of our public events, member events, or host your own private lab.

june, 2022

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There are three types of events that happen within our community. These include public events, private member only builds, and privately hosted events.
A list of events can be found at https://buildbuddy.org/events.

Public events
Harry Devitre and Doug Devitre, co-founders of Build Buddy speak at conferences/tradeshows for educations, virtual events for entrepreneurs and learning organizations focused on the community to share how they are transforming education for grades k-12 using Minecraft.

Public events will appear on this page of the website.

You can request a virtual presentation for your organization here https://devitre.co/harryspeaker.

Member Community Builds
If you are a registered member of our community, you will have your own member calendar where you can see sessions you can join with a group. When you enroll in a course, you will see the server address in the course details. Since the server address may change in between sessions, it’s important to check the course details regularly for the most recently updated server address. Also, an email will be sent to members when new events have been scheduled and up to three days prior to the event.

Member Community events will appear on the calendar inside of the member dashboard when you are logged in.

Private Events
Sponsors, universities, schools, and non-profit organizations are able to host their own Minecraft experiences with students that focus on the community first. Our experience in-game Minecraft designers, onboarding specialists, and self-study courses can transform a community by transferring new skills to leaders so they can make a sustainable impact long after the event is over.

Find out more here https://buildbuddy.org/labs.

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